307. Who Controls Our Information?

We are bombarded with so much information these days. And even though the internet allows us to get a lot of different perspectives, there is a small group of people who have decided which information is “correct.”

304. Is Inflation A Good Thing?

Inflation is skyrocketing over the past several months. While this is bad news for the economy, some economics are trying to say that inflation is actually a good thing.

303. What Is The Draft?

In a free society, should the government be able to make individuals go off to war and face the possibility of dying? Unfortunately, the government has done this with something we call the “draft.”

302. Why Is It Wrong to Make Children Share?

Kids are taught from a very early age that they need to share with others in order to be good members of society. But is this a really a good thing? When kids are taught that everything they own must be shared in order for us to live in a “fair” society, it opens the […]

301. What Does The Rainbow Fish Get Wrong?

The “Rainbow Fish” is a best-selling kid’s book. While the book has beautiful illustrations, it has a dangerous message that teaches kids a dangerous message about giving away what is theirs to make other people happy.