189. Why Should You Care About Austrian Economics?

Today, Connor and Brittany are joined by Jeff Deist, the president of the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. They discuss Austrian economics, and why it’s so important to the concept of individual liberty and economic freedom. Links:  Mises Institute

188. How Do Statistics Work?

You’ve probably heard a lot of statistics thrown around in the last year with Covid. But statistics can be super misleading. In fact, they’re notorious for being twisted around by whoever is putting them together. Links:  How Statistics Can Be Misleading

187. What Is An “Appeal to Emotions?”

Logical fallacies are all around us. Building on a previous episode, Emma and Brittany talk about the “appeal to emotions” and how it can be used against you in a philosophical discussion or debate. Links: The Tuttle Twins Guide to Logical Fallacies  

186. What Does the “Candlestick Makers Petition” Teach Us?

Imagine a light company trying to sue the sun for stealing its jobs. Sounds ridiculous, but these types of protectionist complaints actually happen today in real life. In Frédéric Bastiat’s “Candlestick Makers Petition” he uses satire to explain protectionism. But his comical piece later turned into a reality when a landscaping labor union tried to […]

185. Can You Use Bitcoin As Money?

Today, Brittany and Connor sit down and talk with Austin Craig from the documentary, “Life on Bitcoin.” Austin will explain how he was able to live off this crypto currency for several months and the obstacles he faced along the way. Links: Life on Bitcoin  Bіtсоіn Standard: Beginners Guide. 2021 Beginner’s Guide. Everything You Need […]

179. Who Are Your Heroes?

Today, Emma and Brittany talk about what makes someone a hero and give some examples of their own heroes. Links: Larry Reed Marie Curie  Sarah Blakley  Beverly Cleary Matthew McConaughey quote:  “And to my hero, that’s who I chase. Now when I was 15 years old, I had a very important person in my life […]

158. How Did One Man Save the World from Nuclear War?

Individuals can change the world. In 1983, Stanislav Petrov used logic to think rationally and avoid a nuclear war that would have changed the course of history. Links:  The Nuclear War That Almost Was and the Man Who Prevented It

Biden is in. Brace for impact…

Well, here we go. Today marks the inauguration of Joe Biden as president — and a federal government controlled by Democrats in both chambers of Congress. Try to imagine what might happen over the next few years. That imagination is more nightmare than dream. Granted, things haven’t been peachy in recent years; while Trump did […]

No, Burning Down Buildings Will Not Stimulate the Economy

Check this out!  Recently, this clip of a rioter has been circulating around twitter. In the clip, the rioter says burning down businesses is a “symbolic act”… Wait, what? Last I checked, burning down buildings is much more than “symbolic” to the property owner, the business owner, and the employees who work for the business. It is […]